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Respecting the natural balance of earth and vine, to produce a wine that expresses all its personality
and story.


Fonterenza is an old farmhouse just two kilometres from Sant’Angelo in Colle, a small village perched on the south side of Montalcino. The name of the farmhouse comes from the natural spring that flows from below the hill on which it was built.
Purchased by our family in 1975, Fonterenza is now the headquarters of our organic winery, directed by us, Francesca and Margherita Padovani. Although we were born in Milan we have been adopted by Montalcino. We spent most of our time here when we were young and fell in love with the area.
We made our final move from Milan in 1997 and started out producing olive oil. This remains a significant part of our production, to which we are still very attached, despite the relatively small numbers involved.
Our first vineyards; “del Bosco” and “Strada,” were planted in 1999. This is the year in which our adventure started. From that day on, we have been tending the vineyards in person. We try to learn from what we do and also through our interactions with other producers, both big and small, from here and from other winemaking areas. This is an ongoing conversation, with subject matter ranging from growth systems, climate, traditions, markets to the future of viticulture.
We started as an organic estate before becoming a biodynamic winery. We are constantly in search of balance with the land where we work. This way of life is something that we experience as a duty to future generations.
Our agronomical approach is careful and based on respect for the natural harmony between plants and soil. We extend the same attention to the grapes and their transformation into wine. This defines us as producers of natural wine, a much-debated term that for us simply explains the philosophy that defines our work. Our wines are the fruit of the earth in which our vines grow. They are the results of a precise yet delicate combination of climate and human decisions applied in the vineyard and the cellar in order to preserve the particularities of each vintage. As a consequence each wine has its own personality and its own tale to tell.


Our cellar is located at the Fonterenza farmhouse and is composed of two parts; one for vinification and the other for barrel ageing. Both spaces were re-purposed from their original function as barns for animals and grain storage.
When the grapes reach the cellar their stems are removed and they are pumped into their respective barrels or tanks. For the fermentation of BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO D.O.C.G. and ROSSO DI MONTALCINO D.O.C.G. and LUPO DI FONTERENZA I.G.T. TOSCANA we use truncated-cone shaped wooden fermentation barrels. The other wines are fermented in stainless steel tanks and 1000 kg. open tubs. The grapes ferment spontaneously. We choose not to use additional products or effect chemical/physical treatments in order to preserve the microbiological characteristics of the vintage and give full voice to our terroir.

Depending on the vintage and fermentation requirements, we use different techniques such as pump-overs, delestage, manual punch-downs, piemontesina and so on.


Our wines, depending on the denomination, are aged in oak barrels (18-50 HL), Slavonian oak barrels (11-35 HL), tonneaux and barriques.

“An absolutely authentic Brunello, with an admirable sense of terroir.”